Lava A10 PC Suite 1.11

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Lava A10 PC Suite, good management tool for the Lava mobiles

Lava PC Suite is a device management tool intended for the Lava mobile phones. It comes in many shapes and sizes depending on the mobile phone in question and its features. The Lava support thought to differentiate the PC Suites by using the phone selection as method of download. We just selected the first (A10) phone from the list and downloaded the respective package. Worth mentioning is the fact that this specific suite does not have drivers dedicated for Windows 7 or Vista as we got a warning upon driver installation (driver which comes bundled with the whole package) that it was not safe but we decided to install it anyway. Later on after checking out multiple installations we found out this was universally the same issue except the ready to use PC Suite versions which did not need specific drivers to run. So choose to ignore this error as it seems the drivers are safe for your computer, just not signed for all the available OS’s out there. After the installation is complete, a simple but modern looking with nice buttons interface appears. Upon the first impression this particular PC Suite looks promising. Everything tightly set, with the LAVA logo below and with explanations about what each button does above the list. The list contains Phonebook, Message, Image Manager and Phone modem. Probably these are the most important features for the Lava A10 mobile phone. When pressing each button, a different window appears. We personally like this approach towards functionality as it allows a certain section to be fully manageable without interfering with buttons or links for other features bunched up together. Let’s take these sections one at a time:

  • Phonebook opens up the Contact Manager window. This contains File specific settings, Contact options, Group options and the Help part for getting to know the application better. Below we have the management toolbar with various actions over the contacts. Users can sync their contacts, sync with Outlook, Add a new contact, Modify a contact, Delete a contact and send a message for a contact. On the left we have all the contact types neatly arranged in lists and a deleted history. The contact list can also be queried using the dedicated button for finding certain information.

  • Message opens the window with the same name. This window contains File, Edit and Help as dropdown lists and below we have the toolbar for message specific actions. On the left Phone folder, PC Folder and a Recycle bin is available for message checking. Users can create a new message, reply to a message, forward a message, refresh the messages list, backup all the messages and delete the messages.

  • Image manager contains a small editor for best fitting your images on the phone and setting up wallpapers. You can browse the files on the phone, preview any image you pick to edit, browse the files on the PC, rotate images, enlarge or reduce images, clip the image to a more suitable size and more.

  • Phone modem checks the available networks, ports, statuses and creates new ones as per the preferences.

Even if this application has limited settings and functionalities, it does them well and handles the phone transfers without issues. It is lightweight in performance and it moves well on the PC. Users with Lava phones will not be disappointed by it.

Download and use it now: Lava A10 PC Suite 1.11

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Size: 50.00 MB

Editor Rating:

3 3 3 3 3

User Rating:

3 3 3 3 3 Click to rate

Price: Free

Downloads last week: 124

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows

Publisher: Lava Mobiles

Release Date: 2010-12-14

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